the trek

using podcasting to empower an entire organisation with empathy


the background

I previously worked as a technical writer for simPRO Software, a fast-growing, Australian trades and services job management software company.

I had the privilege of working with all areas of the business to translate complex workflows into digestible, worthwhile content, both for internal stakeholders and busy tradie clients.

A game-changer in how I performed this role was participating in a 3-day implementation with a major client, where I gained invaluable context of how clients actually used our software, helping me transform how my team delivered content.


The problem

simPRO Software employed:

  • More than 40 developers with low awareness of how clients used the product
  • Large sales and training teams hounding these developers for 'quick' changes to the product
  • A research and development team that worked in a separate office
  • Staff in international offices who faced a variety of challenges.

Combining these factors with the rapid growth occurring at the time...

communication and attitudes between these different groups lacked context and empathy.


the solution

To address this problem, I spearheaded a new, company-wide, internally-distributed podcast called 'The Trek' that featured interviews with clients and different departments to explore their challenges.

My team and I released these podcasts in mini-series every few weeks via our internal LMS, after I had:

  • researched and recruited clients / stakeholders / fellow employees to cover
  • interviewed them
  • scripted a podcast package
  • recorded narration to then pass on to my multimedia developer colleague to produce. 

Content I strategised and produced included:

client pain points, context of use, and satisfaction with support

Career progression stories within the company 

New technologies being developed by R&D

How our customer success and support teams were restructuring to provide better service to clients

How our development and product teams prioritised and developed features

pain points faced by our international staff, such as country-specific feature requirements


The outcome

This project was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, as well as a listenership mainly comprised of our development team,  the majority of whom had never met a client.

I was also asked by the company's CFO to take the podcast external and give our company an edge in how we interacted with clients and validated their concerns. However, the best feedback I received was from a developer who was an avid listener:

"Your work has made life easier for many people."